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Updated March 2, 2015

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This is what the BA Everywhere Campaign is about:
The work BA has done creates new possibility at an excruciating time for humanity—nothing less than an opening for a visionary and viable future. The immediate problem right now is that all this is basically not known. It's not on the scene in the way it needs to be – engaged and discussed, popularized and debated. And to solve that problem, there is, right now, a major fundraising campaign to make Avakian's work and leadership known in every corner of society.

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Cornel West
                interviews Bob Avakian

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                    Speaks: REVOLUTION--NOTHING LESS! film

What People are Saying
About the Film

Documentary Film


Stepping Into The Future! DVD

What People are Saying
About the Film

Purchase this documentary film here at New York's Revolution Books.

Michael Slate
                interviews Bob Avakian

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Getting Ready for the March 28 Online and Premiere Screenings of the new film of:

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An Interview with Ardea Skybreak: On Attending the Dialogue Between Bob Avakian and Cornel West

…It was like there was magic in the air. It was one of the most hopeful things that I’ve seen in a very long time. I think it was historic in many different dimensions: in terms of the topic that was approached; the people who were involved in it, the two speakers; the moment in time. I felt like I was able to see a great demonstration of morality and conscience applied to dealing with the problems of humanity—that both speakers stood out this way…

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People all over the country need to know about and see this film. High school students who have to pass through metal detectors before they can even open a book need to see and experience it. College students who want to do something meaningful for the betterment of humanity. The youth who fear for their lives when they walk the streets need to see it. And artists who want to make art that matters. Intellectuals alive to critical and innovative thinking need to experience and engage this film. Basic people in the ghettos and barrios who catch the worst hell from this system, they need to get deeply into this film…
Read the complete speech given at Feb 15 BA Everywhere celebrations to launch this film.

Watch the Dialogue NOW!

Re-broadcast of the Nov 15 Simulcast

Download Dialogue
(MP4 format) (3.8 gb)

On November 15th people filled the nave of the Riverside Church in New York City to capacity to witness the dialogue between Cornel West and Bob Avakian on the topic of Revolution and Religion: The Fight For Emancipation and the Role of Religion.
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Premiere Screenings
March 28:

Harlem, New York Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
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The media sponsor is WBAI.

Los Angeles, CA The Los Angeles Theatre Center (LATC) The event is presented in association with the Los Angeles Theatre Center and the media sponsor is KPFK.

Los Angeles Theatre Center
KPFK 90.7FM Los Angeles

Berkeley, CA
David Brower Center Goldman Theater

Houston, TX
The Encore Theater

Chicago, IL
Logan Center for the Arts


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BA Everywhere—Imagine the Difference It Could Make!
Why and how it is key to changing the world—to making revolution

The widespread promotion and popularization of the new synthesis of communism that BA has brought forward, and what is embodied in his leadership overall, is a crucial part of preparing minds as well as organizing forces for revolution. In this period BA Everywhere is the concentrated focus of the work to carry out that promotion and popularization. It is the leading edge now of a whole strategic process interacting with objective developments in the world through which the movement for revolution and the party that is leading the revolution gets built; a process through which a revolutionary people takes shape; a process which can hasten the understanding of people broadly that the system is the problem—with its leaders and structures seen to be illegitimate and through which millions can come to see that this revolution is the solution to the horrific and intractable problems that humanity faces.

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Who is
Bob Avakian?

Click here to read "TIMELINE: Political Activism and Revolutionary Leadership of Bob Avakian (BA), During the 1960s-1970s, and Continuing to the Present Time"

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BA on BA

BAsics 6:11

"Why am I—why is my body of work, and method and approach—important? Because this is bringing forward an advanced understanding, a heightened understanding, of what revolution and communism are all about and how to move toward the objective of revolution and communism, as well as a method for engaging and struggling through the contradictions that are inevitably going to be encountered in that process.…"
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Cornel West on BA

"My dear brother Bob Avakian... is the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party.... He is one of the few coming out of the 60's who never sold out, he never caved in, he never gave up, held on to his forging of a rigorous, scientific analysis of the objective realities that are driven by a revolutionary love – because he has such a deep love for poor people, oppressed people, all around the world. Whether you agree or disagree with our brother, one thing you cannot deny: that he is the real thing. No doubt about it."

Cornel West, introducing his interview with Bob Avakian on the Smiley & West radio show (October 5, 2012)

Who is BA?

"In Bob Avakian, the Chairman of our Party, we have the kind of rare and precious leader who does not come along very often. A leader who has given his heart, and all his knowledge, skills and abilities to serving the cause of revolution and the emancipation of humanity. Bob Avakian came alive as a revolutionary in the 1960s..."

"An Invitation," by Bob Avakian

BA: A Contended Question

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